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  • Kids Martial Arts in Manchester - The Martial Arts Zone - Competition Event

    Competition Event

    Big congrats to our team members Ray and David for their 1st place wins. Both took home the gold at the annual Tap out Cancer which was held in Boston and attracted 100's of competitors from around New England. We are proud of their accomplishments! Cesar Gracie jiu-jitsu in Manchester NH offers you the chance to train for self-defense as well as competition. Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes in Manchester, NH will get you ready to compete and keep you in great shape as well. Gracie jiu-jitsu lessons in Manchester, NH are perfect for any age and skill level. Start your journey of jiu-jitsu training in Manchester, NH. ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts in Manchester - The Martial Arts Zone - Thanksgiving workout

    Thanksgiving workout

    Join us this Thanksgiving morning for our 2017 Turkey Day work out! Bring your family or friend(s) to Gracie Jiu-jitsu in Manchester, NH for an awesome calorie burning workout to start off the holiday. Keeping active is an important aspect of your life and we can help with Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes in Manchester, NH. The workout begins Thursday at 9AM sharp! Wear comfortable workout clothes and prepare to sweat! Manchester Gracie jiu-jitsu classes are an excellent way to keep fit, lose weight and learn valuable self-defense skills. Remember to invite your friends to The Martial Arts Zone in Manchester, NH. ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts in Manchester - The Martial Arts Zone - History of Jiu-jitsu

    History of Jiu-jitsu

    In November of 1914 Mitsuyo Maeda, one of Judo founder Jigoro Kano’s top students, arrived in Brazil as part of a large Japanese immigration colony. Maeda was able to get himself established with the help of a local business man, Gastão Gracie, and out of gratitude Maeda taughtGastão’s oldest son Carlos Jiu-Jitsu. Carlos Gracie was interested in the practical application ofwhathe had learned in the “anything goes”environmentof the street and refined Maeda’s techniques through numerous challenge matches. Carlos even took out an add in the local paper challenging all comers to fight regardless of their size or physical advantages. At a mere 135 ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts in Manchester - The Martial Arts Zone - What is a Black Belt?

    What is a Black Belt?

    A Black Belt is a White Belt who never quit! Learning and developing the ability to press forward despite challenges and set backs is quit possibly the most important trait a person can achieve. A person with a never give up attitude can be unstopable! This lesson is so important to teach especially to children who can be easily distracted in today's society. Martial Arts can help to bring a person from zero to hero and give that person a real sense of achievement! It all starts with the first step! Manchester NH Gracie Jiu-jitsu lessons are perfect to help teach the never give up attitude. Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes in Manchester, NH can be such a valuable skill to give to our kids today! ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts in Manchester - The Martial Arts Zone - Cesar Gracie Seminar

    Cesar Gracie Seminar

    All Academies& Martial Artists Welcome! Spend a day with our Jiu Jitsu family!
    Cesar Gracie is a member of the Gracie family, having been graded as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt by Carlos Gracie Senior‘s son, BJJ red belt Master Robson Gracie . Cesar Gracie spent his youth divided between the USA and Brazil, but settled in the United States in the early 1990’s where he opened his own academy, that same academy became one of the most successful BJJ and MMA gyms in the world, with an incredible roster of stars such as David Terrell, the Diaz Brothers (Nick and Nate), Jake Shields and many others.
    Fill Out The Form On The Right Side Of This Page For More Information!

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  • Kids Martial Arts in Manchester - The Martial Arts Zone - Cesar Gracie here in October.

    Cesar Gracie here in October.

    Cesar Gracie is one of the most notable Jiu-jitsu instructors in the world! His ability to communicate and his attention to detail is unsurpassed. He has created one of the best MMA fight teams in the world. Now you have the opportunity to attend here in Manchester NH jiu-jitsu class taught by Cesar himself! Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes in Manchester NH will help you improve your ability to focus and feel better! Gracie jiu-jitsu classes in Manchester, NH offer training for all ages! Like us on facebook or visit our site and request information about our Gracie Jiu-jitsu training in Manchester, NH. ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts in Manchester - The Martial Arts Zone - Jiu-jitsu test

    Jiu-jitsu test

    Jiu-jitsu blue belt test will be held this Saturday Sept 23rd, 2017 at 12pm. If your name is on the list, please be certain to arrive early with your GI and mentally ready to go! Testing to the next level is a challenging but very rewarding time in your jiu-jitsu journey. After completing all the required class hours on the mat, skill sets and rondori training you are ready to advance! Best of luck to all participants and we are always proud of our dedicated students! ....

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  • Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in Manchester NH

    Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes in Manchester NH teach you real self defense as well as keeping you focused and in great shape! While most people know at some level, that Brazilian Jiu-jitsu classes can teach valuable self defense skills but did you know that it can help you develop greater inner strength? Yes! Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes in Manchester NH are designed to guide you on a journey of self improvement like no other program! How would you like to be more confident, develop greater self discipline and have the ability to remain calm under stress? Well jiu-jitsu classes can help! Don't wait. Start your journey today! ....

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  • Manchester NH jiu-jitsu

    We begin the fall season on Sept 4 for jiu-jitsu class in manchester NH. As of Sept 4th all jiu-jitsu classes including jiu-jitsu for kids in Manchester, NH will be Gi classes only. Make certain to get your new GI for this fall so you will be prepared for jiu-jitsu classes in manchester NH. If you have any questions concerning how you can purchase your new official Gracie Academy jiu-jitsu Gi. Please stop by the front desk and Susan will answer your questions or set you up for your new Gracie Academy jiu-jitsu gi. We strive to be the best Gracie Academy jiu-jitsu training center in Manchester NH. Please attend class in your official Gracie Academy Gi. Thank you! ....

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  • Manchester Kids Martial Arts

    Martial Arts classes for kids helps to promote confidence and teaches kids to be better focused in academic class. In today's world kids can become distracted and addicted to negative habits such as countless hours playing on video games, cell phones or computers. Martial Arts training can help our kids by getting them up off the couch and away from the computer at least a few hours per week. This can help to give the needed physical activity and social interaction kids need to stay healthy and strong. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is the perfect choice to help your child today in Manchester NH. ....

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  • Summer Training!

    Jiu-jitsu class will be focused on the No-Gi aspect of training for June, July and August. Make certain to have the proper attire for class and stop by the front desk for assistance if needed. Our official shorts and compression shirts with old school logo design will be available soon. Maintain a 2x week training schedule will ensure success and results in the program! See you on the mats and have a great time training. ....

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  • NAGA tournament

    This Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017 will be the NAGA competition in Boston. Some of our team members will be competing at the event. We look forward to an exciting and fun day! Any current members who would like to come and support our team please stop by the front desk for details. There will be both GI and No-Gi events in the white and blue belt divisions. Good luck to all of our team members on Saturday! ....

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  • Back to School!

    Summer was fantastic! Lots of awesome Jiu-jitsu training at our Academy. Now lets get ready to rock into the Fall. Remember Gi training begins Sept. 17th Saturday. Stop by the front desk today and order your new jiu-jitsu gi. Watch our schedule for updated program times and new classes added! Fall brings cooler weather and a new feeling of commitment. Make certain to schedule your class times and bring a friend to try out! ....

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  • Awesome summer!

    This summer season at The Martial Arts Zone we have many really cool events for you and your family to participate in! All kids classes will be scheduled for the 6 week martial arts tour. Stop by the front desk for more details or watch your e-mail inbox. We have on the schedule for August 12 & 13th our Brazilian Jiu-jitsu self-defense and competition camp. Join us for a members party with our live Band, food, friends and more! ....

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  • January is Bring a Friend Month!

    Welcome 2016! New Year is an exciting time. We become energized and motivated for all the things in our life which can bring us health, fitness and peace. It is an awesome time of year to start something new. As the old saying goes ' a journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step" If you have experienced all of the amazing benefits of martial arts training then why not share that with a friend? Bring them to class with you so that they too can enjoy all of those same benefits! ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts in Manchester - The Martial Arts Zone - jiu-jitsu for women

    jiu-jitsu for women

    New this fall! Women's only Brazilian jiu-jitsu training. Learn in a safe and positive environment. We always have a clean facility with world class training mats. Our program will be geared especially for women and the unique training required to empower and develop your self-defense skills. Stay fit and be confident all while having fun! Watch this website for more details as well as our facebook page! Visit our facebook page or text 22828 on your phone then enter key phrase "martialartszone" and we will keep in touch. The Martial Arts Zone ....

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  • School year 2015-16

    Kids get ready for the new back to school season! Summer will be closing soon and we will be back in full swing with our awesome school year training! Call us or text us @ 603-845-6199 for incredible back to school specials for you and a friend.Lets get ready to work on bully prevention and self confidence skills with our number 1 rated Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training for kids! ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts in Manchester - The Martial Arts Zone - Black Belt

    Black Belt

    A Black Belt is simply a White Belt who never gave up! The color belts in between represent the journey and mark your steps on the path to black belt. Ultimately black belt is the goal but it is not the end. It is truly the beginning. The student is now on the path ahead of those who follow and it is on this path that so much understanding, learning and skill unfold. Never give up and never accept defeat, for if you do you will certainly miss out on all the rewards that come with the accomplishment of your goal! ....

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